Friday, January 15, 2010

How Cool Homeschool!

I know a lot of my readers homeschool or have friends that do and I look forward to doing so when my time comes. A work at home mum in town makes the most incredible learning aids I just had to share. Because she makes them all herself she is able to customise them to your own specifications which is handy because each sate in Australia teaches a different handwriting font! She says "Not being a teacher, but a parent has helped tremendously creating these magnets. I am a Mum. I do not pretend to be something I am not." Please if you homeschool or have children with learning disabilities or just want to help your children achieve their best or you know someone who does please pass on this link and check out all that she has on offer. If you don't see what your looking for just contact her and see what she can do. I am just so impressed with the quality and service I can't wait to have a reason to get some myself!

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