Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Shawl

I keep two coloured sheep here, Paul and Kelly. They are just the cutest sheep ever and I love them dearly! I keep them for their fleece as well as their company and they were recently shawn. I gave the fleece to my Mum who is the most talented woman I know (do I sound bias?) She spun the fleece and then knitted me this amazing shawl! It is so soft and cosy! I just can't wait for winter now so I can wrap myself up in it! She used Kelly's fleece for this. The photos don't really show the right colour but Kelly's wool is dark chocolate brown and Paul is a slate grey. Last year Mum spun Paul's fleece and knitted my a plain jumper and it is sooooo warm!

Here is the pattern Mum used for the shawl.

This stitch pattern is divisible by 18. That means any yarn and any size needle can be used.. Determine the size you want by YOUR stitch gauge. Follow the needle recommendations on the yarn packaging. Cast on any amount (divisible by 18) plus any amount for border. Keep these border stitches in Knit Only (BOTH SIDES)
Work 8 rows of knit only at the beginning and ending of your piece.
Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 3: *K 2 tog 3 times, YO, K1 6 times, K 2 tog 3 times* repeat to border.
Row 4: K
Work the feather and fan stitch until you reach desired length. End by working 8 rows Knit.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your Mum is very clever.

Anonymous said...

I think she is very clever too - she should be selling her work. It is very beautiful. The spinning and then the knitting of it is just gorgeous.

Kirsty said...

Thank you anonymous friends! I hope she will be doing some small things like beanies and stuff to put in my on line shop...when I get around to updating it! LOL. I wish I had half the talent of her!

belinda said...

Hi Kristy,

Your Mum's work really is lovely. That said I am sure you have talent it just may not be with fibre.

Kind Regards

Tully said...

Oops, I'm one of the anons, the top one, sorry!

Kirsty said...

Ha just found out that the second comment was from a friend of Mums and Mum was with her today checking out the blog! Lucky I was soooo nice and said good things! Mum doesn't have a computer so I didn't think she would be able to see it!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I'm a novice knitter and always admire the work of those more talented! Thanks for the instructions I would love to try my hand at making a lovely shawl like this someday.

Leigh said...

Hi. I followed a link to your blog from Woody's. Beautiful shawl! I knit but lace and openwork always amazes me. What kind of sheep do you keep? Lucky you to have them! I'd like to get Shetlands some day, but we need goats first, both to clear out the brush and for the milk.

Anonymous said...

The shawl is beautiful.

From Andrew

Kirsty said...

Hi Leigh,
The breed of my sheep is Merino, they are breed for their wool production. I wanted goats too but my fences are to dodgy LOL.

Thank you Andrew!