Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This brand new year

As this is the start of a new year I thought it may be a good idea to write down some of the things I hope to achieve this year. Writing it down also gives me something to go back to when I find I'm am running out of motivation!

I had been working full time for about 10 years before my health forced me to reconsider and now as I only work two days a week I have had to cut back on my spending. Last year was my first year working two days and looking back I can say that I failed to live within my budget.

Soooo this year the first thing I want to achieve is to write a budget and stick to it. It would also be nice to find some money each fortnight to put away for a rainy day but I will just start by not spending more than I receive before I worry to much about saving.
Coming a close second is reviving my soap making and restocking my online shop. It is currently empty because wholesale orders have been quite good and I have been quite lazy! I love working from home but having the motivation to get stuck into the soap is hard. I also want to start doing more Farmer's Markets so I'm hoping for a big year soap wise.

I would also like to continue with building my stockpile of necessities. I know for a lot of you this isn't a big concern but knowing I have enough produce preserved, dried and canned gives me a sense of comfort. I have always had a feeling that a stockpile will be import at some point and I want it to be ready before whatever it is happens. Cans under the bed and in the wardrobe make my family wonder about my sanity sometimes but I bet if food becomes harder to secure they will remember who has a store!

Health is also on the agenda! I have let a lot of weight creep up on me this last year and I'm starting to feel unfit in myself. I find I'm sweating and tired after doing my yard chores in the morning and this isn't good. So I will try to get a bit more exercise (I will......try lol)
I also must get my vegie garden but up and running as I haven't had one this year. I had planned to move all of my back garden around and never got it finished. The plan was to fence of the vegies from the sheep. The Sheep Paul and Kelly, who I keep for their fleece have eaten all of their grass and so I will try to get them secured in the Dog Trial Yards for at least some of this year to try and grow back some green feed for them. I will be looking into trying to find some other areas also that the can forage.
2010 WILL be a great year full of many blessings!


belinda said...

It sounds like you have a whole lot of good goals there. I hope everything goes well.

Kind Regards

Kirsty said...

Thanks Belinda,
I was just checking out your blog! Wow your harvesting heaps! Well done!

Magdalena said...

You could try supplementing the sheep feed by giving them weeds, grass cuttings (if from a lawn without pesticides and fertilizers), giving them cornstalks (if anyone is growing maize near you) and even letting them have the vegetable parings. Mine would eat potatoes and cull apples, as well, without any harm.

I love the look of your soap! God bless you in that endeavour.

Tracy said...

Hi Kirsty,best wishes for 2010 and acheiving your goals.I have mine writen down in a little notebook and I am trying not to be too ambitious this year.I might post them on my new blog as a reminder too.I hope you have some new soap in the shop soon.I loved the soap I bought last year and so did the people I sent it to as gifts.

nana said...

Dear Kristy I live in Horsham and found you through Simple Alaska during the last few weeks! I look forward to getting some soap as you driving on bald tyres is not good.It is great you have listed your goals as it is much harder to do if they are not defined.Doing a little each day is the way I work and eventually I get tasks done.Hope your leg is healing up well,Best wishes Marie