Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's nearly Christmas and I have been flat out with soap making for the Christmas orders so I haven't had time to bad!

This is my Nativity this year. Paul and Kelly the sheep and Troy and Helen (white turkey in the background) had fun possing for the pic!


Lucy C said...

Wow. That is amazing. You could sell that as a Christmas card. Can I put a link to it on my blog please?

Chris said...

That is so sweet. Real animals in a nativity scene...but I bet they like to taste the manger bit, right, LOL.

Well done. It looks truly Australian!

Kirsty said...

Lucy Go for your life!! Feel free to spread the festive spirit! Yes Chris it was hard to get the sheep not to eat the manger!! The folk around town must have been wondering what was going on as I was shouting at the sheep "Leave the Baby Jesus alone!"

gerribol said...

Hi Kirsty

Your 'children' are very obliging doing their bit for the nativity scene.
Enjoying your blog.
I'm off to E's tonight for GTG.
Have a good Xmas.
Hope Troy is not going to be dinner!


colleen said...

Kirsty, great work. Much admired, I bet

Anonymous said...

'Leave the baby Jesus alone!' hahaha, you are a hoot Kirsty and your nativity scene is gorgeous. Can it be seen from the road?

Kirsty said...

Yeah you can see it from the road.People have been stopping and taking heaps of photos! The kids from the church went for a walk around here to have a look! It's been great fun! Call in for a cuppa some time so we can catch up Tullx xoxoxox