Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Office!

As I mentioned in my last post I am now working from home! This is great but I really need to work on the set up of the house to make it more 'work' friendly. I have two completely unused rooms at the front of my house which for years have been used to just shove things till I could think were I would put them. Judging by the photos you will see that most of the 'shoved' stuff is still there!

What I have been working on is turning one of the rooms into an office with my desk and computer and the other room as product storage and display. Sometimes people call in to have a look at the soaps and with this set up I can show them with out them coming into my part of the house. I hope that makes sense. There is going to be a lot of work needed to make this a reality but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

Just after Christmas Harry came to live with me. Harry was a free to good home kitten in a basket at the vet's in town. When he looked at me I just couldn't say no.

This picture is actually upside down! He is such a monkey! I have had many cats over the years but Harry is like no other. He is very clingy, having to be beside me all day. This is cute but unfortunately not conducive to a productive work life. To assist in this I decided to put a door up to shut off the new office and showroom from the rest of the house and so keeping Harry out. I know he will cry at the door for a while but I hope he learns quickly that I will be back every now and again to make a coffee and have a quick cuddle!

This picture is of my partner measuring up the doorway. As you can see Harry just has to be in the middle of what ever is going on and here he is help out with the measurements. I will up-date with more pics as we get the work done. I would love to show you all whats been going on outside in the garden but the short answer is 'nothing' It has been soooooo cold and wet I bearly venture outside unless absolutely necessary. Once it warms up i will be getting stuck into that as well!


E said...

nice to have a handy man about...oh...and a handy cat as well!

Mashelly said...

nice 2 c u again

Susan said...

Cute kitten! Great to see an update and look forward to seeing the finished rooms.

Kirsty said...

Oh yes I look forward to seeing the completed rooms too LOL!!! I am going to try and blog more often but my home computer is slow as dial up!!!

colleen said...

Well done, Kirsty.
Didn't see you at the Echuca Steam Rally.

Dan said...

YAYAYAYAY, this is awesome news about your soaps.. I had no idea..