Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Back

Well I bet you were all starting to think I was dead??? Come on now I know! Not dead just busy with life.

What has been happening? I hear you asking.

OMG so much!!!!!

I will start with the most amazing piece of news. I no longer work out side the home full time! I have built my soaps up to a place were I can reasonably make enough to survive. I will not make a fortune but I will be so much happier than I was and to me that is important. I still work in town one day a week but the rest of the time it's all soap.

I will be trying to blog more often as I feel it helps me to document my progresses (or lack of). I will be posting about the big changes about to happen in the garden and also the house so don't think it will all be about soap but that is were my head at the moment.

See you soon.....


Lucy C said...

I missed you...I even contemplated getting a turkey!

belinda said...

Congratulations on the change.

I am so happy to hear that you have managed to find work that you are excited to get up in the morning about.

Kind Regards

elizabeth said...

yay...kirsty's back :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Lucy C!!

Yep, glad you're back on deck Kirsty.


Kirsty said...

Oh Lucy get a turkey, go on you wont regret it!!...unless you get a randy gobbler like Troy LOL

Belinda I have never been happier! Getting up in the morning and letting out all the animals and having a coffe with them in the hammoch on the verandha is my idea of a perfect start to the day! Working when I want and not when someones saysb is just so liberating!
Yes E I'm back LOL but I had never really gone anywhere hehehe
Yep I'm back on deck, feeling better than long as I don't hit the said deck ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy, How exciting to hear about what you are doing. I am playing with soaps and hope to sell them also. It is very fun and addicting. I am glad to hear you are doing what you love. I look forward to reading more as you post things. Emily

Mel : ) said...

congrats!!! cant wait to see some more pics of your yummy soap :D

Chris said...

I was hoping your absence was due to your soap aventures taking off. If you can work from home, all the better. Imagine all that fuel you'll be saving by working from home.

Are you tempted to get some goats now for making goat's milk soap? ;)

Happy to see you back.