Saturday, July 18, 2009

My new pond

I have an old cement fish pond in my front yard which has developed a serious leak. The pond is home to 2 eastern long neck turtles that moved in a few years ago. I have bought some black plastic to line the leaking pond with but then thought....where will the turtles go while their pond was empty?
Suddenly I remembered I had an old clam shell wading pool out the back that I got for my ducks but they don't use it.
I bought it around into the front garden. I am in the process of digging out all my current plants and replacing them with natives so the front was a mess. I found a siutable spot and dug it in.

It looked like crap! I couldn't handle seeing all that blue, it stood out like balls on a dog. Hmmm, I have some black plastic!
I tucked it in all the way around to stop chooks digging it up and held it there with bricks.
The picture above shows the bricks covered with soil. Still looked a little stark so I decided to try and make it look like a natural rock pool. I surrounded it with rocks, trying to make them seem natural but not succeeding very well! So I tried planting native strappy leafed things (I don't know thier correct name!) Randomly around the edge and popped a few bits of fallen timber around. Then I potted up some flat leaved sedge and put that in around the edges of the pool.
What do you think? Once the rest of the garden is established do you think it will blend in? I really hope so!


E said...

OMG you are amazing!! I still think you should come and live with me. We would achieve great things. Well - I would think of tings and you could make them lol!

Kirsty said...

Thats a great idea!
I only get motivated once in a blue moon though LOL. I am glad that it doesn't look like a kids pool in the front yard!!!

belinda said...

I think u done good girl.

Never in a million years would I think that there was a plastic clam shell at the bottom of that beautiful space.

Kind Regards

The Duck Herder said...

hey that look great!

Leisurely Lesley said...

Very impressive effort and results!

Anonymous said...

now thats what you were after big rocks for! where-ever they came from, they have done the job for you! : )

Susan said...

Youve done a fab job. It looks very natural!

Chris said...

That does look really natural, and you're recycling too.

You could develop a problem with algae growing or the water disappearing quickly, being so exposed at the moment. So it may help to put a potted plant nearby to help shade the water.

I can't remember the exact ratios, but you have to shade at least a third of the water I think.

To help the turtles get in and out you may need a branch to dip into the water and touch the land also. I don't know for sure, just going by stuff I've read before.

It does look very lovely though. Great effort. :)

Linda said...

I love it!

Linda said...

I have an award for you on my blog RT.

Anonymous said...

Any update photos Kirsty?
I'm blog hopping today and yours is my launching pad.