Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pictorial update

Sorry Tully, I had forgotten to keep up with the blog after only one new post! Whoops

As I have said the front yard is undergoing a huge transformation, exotics out and natives in. I was desperate for an old dead tree in the front yard but didn't have one. Jamie wasn't impressed as I made him load a huge fallen limb on the back of the ute and bury it in the front yard!

In the foreground you will see the pond from the last update. It has a dry creek bed running into it and out of it on the other side. Well that's what it is suppose to look like. The large log over the to forms a great bit of shade and it's hollow. Already a number of lizards and geckos have been seen running in and out of it!

Those of you who have been reading the blog since the start would know I bought here to grow cut flowers for the resturants and markets. This failed badly as although I have unlimited water it is bore water and the exotics that I had planted failed. After years of trialling natives stood out as by far the most successful at dealling with the brachish water. I have therefore planted heaps of Kangaroo Paws, Banksias, Foliage Gums, Grasses and others suitable for cutting. Fingers crossed these will work!

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Anonymous said...

No pressure Kirsty! LOL
I love your instant dead tree (far quicker than buying and planting one and killing it) and what a top bloke that Jamie is to plant it for you.
Lucky we have blokes that will make all our mad ideas come true, eh?