Sunday, October 26, 2008

26 Years ago Today

Ok so it was taken 26 years ago. I was just looking for another photo for my blog and I found this one. On the back it says it was taken on the 26 October 1982 and I was 7. It appeared in the Warrnambool Standard, Penny the Goat had just had triplets so I guess it was a slow news week As it's the 26 of October today I thought it was a bit of a coincidence. Notice Mum's hand on the left, at the ready just in case the goat takes a sudden dislike to me lol.


Lucy C said...

Too cute.
Isn't it funny how when you look back in time animal people have always hung out with animals?

Kirsty said...

yeah thats true isn't it! Gotto luv um!

Chris and Dave said...

What a beautiful picture. Must bring back a lot of memories. No wonder your sheep are so at home in your backyard. You started early with goats.

How are your sheep going?

zoloft mom said...

this is a great photo!

great to see you are still hanging around my blog, despite the fact that i am a blog delinquent. thanks for the comment.


Lucky-1 said...

Aaaww I'm not sure who it more cute...:D