Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where have I been?

I'm so sorry I haven't updated for...gosh nearly 4 weeks! Things have been so hectic here. Christmas soap orders are coming in thick and fast so I barely have time to take a breath!

On the garden front I have relented and pulled out the last of the silver beet, the chooks are now every bit as sick of it as I was lol. The potatoes are powering along and I have added zucchini, cucumber, eggplant and corn. The corn is nearly knee high now! The currents and raspberries seem to have decided that they will wait till next year, no sign of fruit as yet.

What about all the animals? Well my sheep, Paul and Kelly have had a rough time. Kelly got fly blown. I can't believe I didn't notice but apparently its harder to see when the sheep are black. I was so distraught when I realised what had happened that I waved down a passing farmer and promptly burst into tears. To my relief the farmer suggested he pop home and bring back a trailer and take Paul and Kelly back to his place to shear them and treat Kelly. They are now fighting fit and racing around like nothing had happened.

A turkey hatched out 4 chickens and a turkey poult which I had to raise in a broody box in the lounge room. This turkey has a habit of squashing her chicks so that's why they had to come inside. One of my silkies has just bought out 11 little chickens and another turkey is sitting on 7 turkey eggs so I imagine there will be another influx of babies soon lol.

Speaking of babies, I went to the vets on Friday and in the foyer was a big box with 4 little kittens in it. I already own Kitty-Anne Maloo who's 6 but I just couldn't resist. Please meet Harry McScally. She is not impressed!


Lucy C said...

Wow! A turkey poult.
Apparently they are hard to brood.
How old is yours?
Kitten is very cute.
Glad all is well.
I am slack with updates too.

Leisurely Lesley said...

S'cuse my ignorance, but just what is a turkey poult?

Kirsty said...

Hi Lucy, the poult is about 4 or 5 weeks old now. He keeps jumping out of the box now so he is almost ready to go back to the big run.

Hi Lesley, A turkey poult is a baby turkey, a turkey chick. Very ugly looking things hehehe

Woody said...

She lives...lol

Glad to hear all is well and you're busy with the soap biz...I remember when you were full of worry about making a run at the new business. Very happy to hear you're doing so well with it.


Susan said...

ing! Congrats on all your new babies!
The kitten is uber cute!

Chooks'r'us said...

I had a little cat called Harry - she was just like this one too and from a shelter. I don't know if you feel like it or not but if you do I've tagged you for a meme on my blog. Yes and congratulations on your new chicks - I have a part Silkie who is still trying to magic a chick out of the empty straw beneath her - poor little thing!