Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's damn hot.....already!

It has gotten really hot here really quickly. Everything in the garden has either bolted to seed or drooped beyond recognition! Yes I am including myself in the equation lol. Last weekend I was so ensconced in the gardening I forgot to put on any sunscreen! I am now peeling like a banana! Ouch!

I really don't mind to much about the silverbeet as I have eaten so much damn silverbeet in the last two months that I think I'm turning green!

It won't be long till I transform into a potato! I planted 14kg of seed potatoes this year. I recently read that each potato can produce 12kg OMG! That equals 168kg of spuds.
I suppose I will have to freeze most of the spuds? Will I need to par boil them? May have to look into that.
Some of you know my Mum from Aussies Living Simply . She is studying .....hhmmm I should know shouldn't I ? Experimental Textiles? Anyway she is studying at South West Tafe (see I know where!) Anyway a lady who is studying with Mum has a blog. It is so refreshing to see creative people , well being creative! Leisurely Lesley 's blog is full of really great felt and fibre art along with other bits and bobs (you may catch a glimpse of my mum to) Anyway felting is a skill I desperately want to learn so I will be reading her blog regularly!


Kelly the City Mouse said...

Saturday was vicious, wasn't it? At least it was over here.

As for potatoes, they don't store terribly well :( Your best bet is to make yourself a root cellar. It's easier than it sounds. You just need a shovel and a wooden box or big metal rubbish bin. Dig the hole and bury it deep enough to keep the temperature around 7-10 degrees celcius. Some say wash the potatoes after three days of aging, but I think it's best to just brush them off lightly. Store in burlap sacks in your root cellar and they should keep for 3-6 months.

Alternatively, you could can up some "new potatoes", peeled, and pressure-canned in hot pack. I personally don't like canned mature potatoes, but new ones are good in soups.

Could also do a big cooking day and make up several batching of things like Shepherd's Pie or Potato Leek Soup and freeze those in ready-to-bake-or-reheat states.

Good luck!

kelly the city mouse said...

Wow, my "ingles" are off, today!


The Mumma said...

it would be handy if you knew someome close to you that had say 6 children and you could make potato fritters,has browns,cheesy potato bake, chunky chips,potato soup,potato bread,
you know something like that ..LOLOLOL

ok seriously you can freeze them but they do need to be par could par fry them too and when you want fries pull em out and way ya go

baringapark said...

Do you have a link to Lesley's blog? I would LOVE to felt too :)

Kirsty said...

Hi E just run your mouse over the highlighted bit it's a link to lesleys blog. It's so interesting I would love to learn to felt aswell!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are over the silverbeet too. The sheep won't eat it, nor the cattle only the poultry still aren't tired of it.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Hi Kirsty, I somehow missed this post and have just discovered it. It probably explains why I had a huge jump in visitors one day, and I couldn't work out why. You seem to have a large following.

You gave me a huge wrap - my blog isn't that good. My felting skills are very newby.

But thanks anyway.