Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bras are stupid

I went to collect the eggs the other day and only got one, so I popped it in my bra while I did the rest of my jobs. Yes you guessed it I forgot it was there! 3 hours later I went for a shower and out fell the egg and smashed all over the bathroom floor. To top it of as I got out of the shower I was careful not to step into the egg but stepped onto my bra and the metal slider bit on the straps went into my foot and I had to pull it out! OUCH! See, bras are stupid!


Lil said...

Ouch! hope your foot's ok! you seem to be having a bit of bad luck lately.
Luv Lil xox

belinda said...

Yeah bras are stupid.... at least I have managed to find some that are vaguely comfortable after much too long.

Kind Regards

Ali said...

lol!!! I once put an egg in my pocket, came inside and forgot it was there and later it smashed when I accidently leant against the kitchen cupboard!!!!

in regards to bras ~ I still haven't found one I actually like and feels great to wear :(

Hope your foot feels better today :)

molly said...

OMG, I shouldn't have laughed but I am so glad some-one else does these things, my egg incident was in my back pocket of my gardening pants, needless to say it wasn't whole when I jumped back up!
Glad the foots ok tho :)

Mel : ) said...

oh no! while i was reading it i thought you were going to say that it broke in your bra - that would have been gooey! but i agree, pains in the arse they are :D