Saturday, February 2, 2008

Turkey Wars

It's like a war zone here at the moment. Troy my male turkey has some serious issues. About a week ago I was walking up the yard and I heard Troy running up behind me, as I turned around Troy flew up and turned sideways (in mid air ninja style!) and tried to gouge my eyes out with his talons. Screaming and running backwards desperately trying to find something I could use to push him away I found a stick and managed to calm him. So much for not swearing. To top it of the lady in the house over the back popped her head over the fence and asked if everything was OK (which was lovely of her but embarrassing for me as I think I may have taught her some new words!)
Jamie has used some of my Christmas chicken wire to create an enclosed run. It worked for a couple of days but Troy worked out he can fly out so now we will have to wire up the top.

Yesterday when I got home from work I went to the loo and just as I closed the door I heard Troy coming (the toilet is outside, he wasn't in my house lol) and there he stayed. He marched back and forth outside the toilet waiting for me! Every time I tried to open the door he would race at me. Again I was screaming. One of my sheep, Paul came over to see what all the noise was about and sort of created a barrier between Troy and myself, giving me time to race out. One of the waterers had buggered up and so I ran quickly up to fix it. Troy came quickly up to fix me. I watched in amazement as as if in slow motion Troy rounded the corner at the bottom of the garden and started up the yard toward me. Running backwards I made it into the turkey shed and shut the door just as Troy got there. The top of the door is chicken wire so I could see him pacing up and down outside the door. What is his problem! Then I was wishing the lady was in her back yard. I screamed out to anyone but no one heard. I was locked in the shed for an hour.
Finally I poked a stick out threw the chicken wire and started flicking bits of dirt. I can't believe that worked! Troy was distracted by the dirt showers and went to investigate and I took the opportunity to get the hell out! I made it to the gate before him and the stand of was over. I just threw some lettuce into the enclosed shed where I had been trapped and Troy went in for a snack. So that is where he is, he has heaps of room, food, water and light but he can't free range at the moment as it is just not safe for me. Jamie will hopefully get the roof on the run so Troy can get exercise and sunlight etc and I can still use the toilet.


Ali said...

Oh No!! I wonder what Troy's problem is?? I have to admit though, you've had me in tears of laughter reading your Gobbler's Run antics again!!

Kirsty said...

I was in tears to but not the good ones LOL. Each time I would ring Jamie and when he answered he could just hear me sobbing and snuffling....Troy..sniff...tried to...wail/sniff..kill me!

belinda said...

Oh Kirsty,

I have to say that turkey is asking to visit the big coop in the sky.

I am hoping its unusual for male turkeys to be that aggressive.

Something that may or may not help would be to carry an extendable umbrella. Most animals are not real fond of the whomp sound that it makes when it expands out and well it basically give you a big shield, visual barrier, on the end of a short stick.... even if he is in talons first mode the worst that will happen is he ends up attached allowing you some time to cut and run.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

I am starting to rethink my desire to have my own turkeys after this story. I think he knows that you ae a bit scared of him. Our ram doesn't bother my husband, but he has butted me for no reason a few times except that he gets a reaction from me (screams and running).

Lucy C said...

Pity we just had Christmas I say.
There is always Christmas in July to look forward to.

baringapark said...

I once shared a house with the loo outside. My flat mate had 2 roosters which would always attack. I kept a cricket bat at the back door. Eventually they went into the freezer.

Lucky-1 said...

Kirsty.... I am laughing as I read this, because my brother had turkey's when I was a kid and they lived with mum's chooks.

I was **it scared of them and they too used to corner me and intimidated me.....only the males.

Me thinks a good webber stoked up and a big family get together is called for with a cookup.

Otherwise my darling...... you will be running long and hard:(

Lil said...

Wow, that sounds really scary! I wonder why he got so aggressive - has he been like that before? Hope you're ok and that the turkey run gets finished soon :)
Luv Lil xox

Woody said...

Kirsty...I was laughing a good bit too..

He needs a couple of hens, the boy is just

The Duck Herder said...


Anonymous said...

Gee, my teenage son is an absolute angel compared to your turkey!