Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sale-O Sale-O

How good are auctions? There was a big one in town today and I got some big bargains!
3 heavy screen doors $2
Big pile of bricks (for garden edging) $1
2 Toilet bowls, 4 cisterns and connections (like new) $2 I then sold one toilet for $1
A huge art deco double wardrobe $20
and an electric cultivator for $2 sort of like a little electric rotary hoe...very useful!

The best bargain of all an Pot Belly Stove! not really a bargain at $80 but I really wanted one for my lounge room as I rely on electric blow heaters and boy do they cost money to run. How do you heat your home and which is the most environmentally sound?


Woody said...

Hi Kirsty..We built our home with passive solar in mind. Our main system is propane. It has become extremely expensive as a primary heat source so we are installing a wood burning cast iron stove in our basement. It was a bargain too. My parents had it stored in their shed for the last few years. I guess my dad got tired of walking around it. We have a very good source of wood to burn here so we won't have to rely on the propane as much next season.


Ali said...

we have split system air conditioners but didn't use them last winter!

molly said...

We have a wood heater in the lounge but decided rather than use that, we would close the lounge up, put a fan heater on for 15 mins, rug up and surprisingly we stayed warm.

We no longer aim for heating the whole house, the lounge is the only room we stay still long enough to feel the cold, instead we put a jumper on, cover our legs with a blanket or knee rug, so far so good, and we feel a little easier about our footprint, the power bill hardly moved for winter last year.

Havig said all this, like that banana bender Ali (LOL) we live in Aussie, our winter temps here in WA only go as low as about -8C, not as bad as some of your temps!

The Duck Herder said...