Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sheep are naughty!

I wandered out to take some photos this morning and this was the first thing I saw. He looks guilty doesn't he?

He is standing in front of my brand new orange tree. It's a bit hard to make out but it is behind the Oleander, supported between to stakes with the pink fleece tie.
The orange tree is now devoid of leaves right up to, coincidentally, the height of Paul's head!

How naughty!

Kelly also looked guilty but was busy hiding because I think she knew mummy wasn't happy!!!

When Jamie was cutting off the top of the Aquaponics tank we managed to save the top pieces. They are slightly curved so I manoeuvred one of the pieces over and placed it around the orange tree. This will have to do till Jamie comes to help me erect something a little more permanent!
I was planing on taking a photo of Paul and Kelly modelling their new collars. So here they are!
Paul's is blue with a reflective strip which caught the flash. I will be able to find them at night now! I am hoping I won't have to mind you.

I had to laugh as I was trying to get a photo of the sheep a certain someone got jealous! Troy the turkey!
This was the shot I was trying to get. Here is the shot I got when I zoomed out! LOL


The Duck Herder said...

wicked little sheep!
I suspect lots of things in your garden are going to end up pruned to "extended sheep nose" height!

Lucy C said...

Paul and Kelly crack me up.
They are so beautiful and look very glamorous in their reflector collars.
I still wish I could own a turkey, even if they do try and butt into photos.

Woody said...

Our fruit trees are always chewed on by the hundreds of white tail deer. I have had to build hog wire fences around each tree. The deer drive us crazy..I have a neighbor down the road who feeds them because he thinks there cute. I would personally like to see them on a plate with potato and carrots and some corn

Susan said...

oh but how cute and innocent do they look :) I love reading your antics with all your animal friends :)

Ali said...

your naughty sheep make me laugh!! They look cute with their collars :)

Lucky-1 said...

I love your site:D

But I must say the turkey scares the heck out of me. My brother had them when I was a kid, they didn't like me one bit:( Big huffy fluffy things used to wait for me each morning when I had to water them and the chooks.

The sheep are so cute.

Polly said...

How adorable do Paul and Kelly look in those collars? They are so cheeky.