Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm using my soap!

I've just used my homemade soap for the first time! It's great. I was amazed that it really worked.

500gm Tallow
500gm Olive oil
300ml water
136gm of Lye.
I changed the olive oil to duck fat instead so I really was concerned that it might not work. I've since found a great site that helps you create your own recipes HERE You just pop in what oils and how much etc and it calculates the amount of lye.....very handy as it lists goose fat and chicken grease which I think would be quite close to duck fat. I wanted to use orange essential oil but the local shop was all out so I used Tea-Tree oil instead. It smell a bit 'clinical' so when I make the next lot I will use something a bit more 'girly'. I've been browsing Aussie Soap Supplies . They have heaps of different oils and colours so stay tuned for the next batch! I can't wait


Ali said...

yippee about using your own soap!
One day I'll try to make some :)

Polly said...

The soap looks great Kirsty. Well done. :-)

Lucy C said...

Wow. I am very impressed.
Very clever.