Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crazy Chickens!

I left the back door open on Tuesday while Jamie and I searched for my cat which had gotten out. We searched and searched and finally found her under the house. As we went back inside we heard a commotion in the kitchen. Jamie stood in the kitchen door and started to laugh, laugh so much I thought he was going to fall over!
While we were out side my little Golden Sebrights had decided to investigate the kitchen! Seven tiny cho
oks running around the kitchen slipping on the vinyl floor, flying up and landing on my clean dishes draining by the sink. Poor little things! We backed away to where they couldn't see us and let them calm down. Slowly, one by one they crept out of the kitchen and quickly out the back door. Once the kitchen was empty we ventured in to see if any thing was broken. What did we find?..........Poo! Yes the little darlings had pooped all over the floor and my sink and my benches, everywhere!
But they are just so adorable I couldn't stay mad at them for long! Just like I was able to stay mad at Paul and Kelly, the sheep. They both have collars now, Paul has a blue one and Kelly has a pink one. I was worried they may get out and I thought if they have collars then if they are found someone will know they are pets. I had to go to a meeting in the local hall on Monday and I thought I would let the farmers know about the collars and if they do ever get out that they live with me. But Paul and Kelly were already the topic of conversationredface as all of the local farmers had seen them parading around in their flash collars! The farmers thought it was a great laugh! lolI'm not sure what they will think when I start taking them for walks on the leads that I have bought them! I'm not worried as I'm pretty sure they all think I'm a bit crazy anywaylollollol


The Duck Herder said...

hee hee! A gorgeous woman once worked for me in Goulburn, she moved to Crookwell - a tiny tiny country town, and brought "mabel" with her - a full grown hand reared ewe who thought she was a cat. Mabel was terrified of other sheep, and when my friend was having a difficult time, she would shampoo Mabel, and perhaps put a semi-permanant rinse through her fleece - sometimes pink, sometimes orange. This was quite a shock for this little sheep farming community! But it always meant you knew when she was having a hard time and needed some extra tlc - my friend that is, not the sheep!

I think it is better to just surrender to your excenticities Kristy - dont fight it! THere is no point! :o)

ps, I love that little seabright rooster!

Ali said...

I had to chuckle at the thought of your Sebrigghts in your kitchen and them creeping out one by one :)LOL!!

farm mom said...

LOL! Great story! Love your blog!! :)

Vid's said...

The second photo is... lol xD

Lucy C said...

Oooh, I think we need photos of Paul and Kelly in their new collars.
They sound very sophisticated.
I too love you Sebrights.

Michelle said...

What a hoot!! I wish you were my neighbour :)