Monday, August 6, 2007

The Great Escape!

Well I'm knackered! Paul and Kelly managed to make it over my 'makeshift' fence just now. Right on dusk! I've spent the last hour chasing and cursing around Yanac. I started off nicely
"Come on now, bedtime" and
"First lamby back gets a treat!" But by the end it was more like
"Right! your giving mummy the POX!"

I did feel a bit sorry for them as a big mob of sheep has been moved into the paddock across the track and they were calling to each other in a kind of cute way. Well it was cute at the start! Also I discovered that sheep can't see very well in the dark, I had to direct the torch just in front of them where I wanted them to walk. I have had to clip a few of my chooks wings as they would fly out and over anything but what can I do to contain Paul and Kelly? It's my birthday tomorrow so I think Jamie can help me build a higher fence!........and shower me in gifts LOL! Anyway tomorrow Paul and Kelly won't be getting any cake and they are grounded for a week! I'm sure to give in once they look up at me with those big eyes and 'to die for' eye lashes!!!!


Jackie said...

Hi Kirst, Just checked out your blog. Well Done! Hope you have a great birthday. Love Jackie

Ali said...

what naughty sheep having to be rounded up by you!!

The Duck Herder said...

naughty sheep!

I remember when my friends two full grown pigs (100kg each)escaped and terrorised Braidwood for most of an afternoon. Finally they were herded back to her place, but they were so exhausted they collapsed in the gutter out the front of her house and had a little nap before they could be coaxed the final 20 meters into the backyard.

Happy Birthday Kristy!

Woody said...

Happy Birthday..

Ali said...

Happy Birthday for 7th :)

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty. I hope Paul and Kelly behave today.

Lucy C said...

Hey, I knew there was something special about you.
Yay, it is my birthday today (7/8) too.
Hope you have a happy Birthday too.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday for today :)

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty

My first visit to your blog and I love it

Will pop in again soon