Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a day!

I just love days like today! I had a great day at work and got heaps of shopping done after work. Usually I hate shopping but for some reason I really enjoyed myself this afternoon. I think that because I was shopping for my chooks it wasn't so bad.
I bought them a big bag of their favorite layers pellets, the one with corn and sunflower seeds and puffed rice. They just love it!
I got the big chooks a huge bale of pea straw to scratch in and the sebrights got a bale of compressed wheat straw to play in ( I also got them some Chinese greens but don't tell the big chooks)
And just to hand some late breaking news. I'M GETTING SOME SHEEP! I'm adopting two beautiful coloured lambs. They are coming to live here in two weeks time. I just can't wait. I will need to work out some way to protect the fruit trees but I'm pretty sure it will involve old tanks in some form LOL. The latest challenge......what will I call them????? My mum spins so she is always on the look out for coloured fleeces so now I will be able to help her out! And I get the bonus of heaps and heaps of free fertilizer! What a bonus!


Ali said...

how exciting ~ sheep ~ WOW. I can't wait to see pics and find out their names :)What colours are they ??

Kirsty said...

Well I'm thinking of calling them Paul and Kelly as in Paul Kelly and the Coloured....sheep! Still open for a bit more thought though! I won't know what colours they are until they arrive....I love surprises