Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bloggers for Positive Global Change.

Yesterday I was nominated for the Bloggers for Positive Global Change awards by Rhonda from down to earth. I am honoured not only to be nominated but all so that Rhonda has found the time to pop over and read my blog! Rhonda has made such a huge impact on my life. She has taught me to make soap and bake bread, shown me how amazing aquaponics is, helped me gain control of my out-of-control finances and given me untold support with out even know she is doing so. What is so amazing about this....we have never met. I really hope we will get a chance to have a cuppa together one day!

As part of the Bloggers for Positive Global Change Awards I get to nominate some other blogs which I feel are making a difference but they have all been tagged! I'm to late again!


Ali said...

congratulations kirty on Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award. You are doing great things at "Gobbler's Run" :)

Rhonda Jean said...

I hope we have a cuppa one day too. H and I are travelling down your way next year so it might be time for it then. Keep up the good work on the blog. It's really interesting. : )