Monday, July 16, 2007

Aquaponics, here I come!

I've been interested in Aquaponics for quite a while now. I have a large above ground pool in the middle of my back yard and I had hoped that I would be able to use this as part of an aquaponic set-up. After costing pool liners and discussing options with other AP enthusiasts we decided that it was really to big for a beginner!
So I really needed something a little smaller ....Ah another tank! Of the nine tanks here only one holds water. I have used most of the others to make raised veggie beds.
When I suggested cutting the top of one of the cement lined tanks to my beautiful boyfriend Jamie I was meet with a some what negative response.
It can't be done! It will be to heavy to move! you get the idea! lol.
Like a terrier with a rat I kept mentioning it to him and finally he said he would give it a try! I couldn't ask for more! He worked away tirelessly while I bought him coffees and praise. Wheel after wheel wore down on his angle grinder but still he cut.

Then a strike of genius! He started thumping the top of the tank with a sledge hammer making the cement inside crumble into the bottom. What an amazing man! (you never know I might have more jobs for him to do and he might read Anyway he then cut the top piece into sections and removed them.

All I have to do now is clean all the broken cement out from the base then add a layer of sealer and it should be good to go. I will be doing a lot more research in to aquaponics to get an idea of what is achievable on this scale and I'll up date as I progress!

Oh and just as we were finishing I ducked up to feed the turkeys and stepped straight onto a large rusty nail! I panicked a little when I realised that the board was attached to my foot. Jamie tried to comfort me but couldn't resist getting a little cranky as he is constantly telling me to pick things up! This is his 'angry face' as he points to the culprit! Not that scary really lol.


Crazy Mumma said...

In order: WOW! How exciting, aquaponics! I'm very jealous :-) And then OW! Picturing the board stuck to your foot made me queasy, *shudder*, I hope it mends soon. Cheers, Julie.

Rhonda Jean said...

Excellent! Another one on the aquaponics team. I hope you foot heals quickly.

Rhonda Jean said...

me again : ))

I am here now to give you an award - the Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award. You can read about it on my blog

Ali said...

Looking forward to seeing the aquaponics all set up ~ I'm interested to learn more about it.
And congrats on the award from Rhonda :)

Ali said...

forgot to add ~ congrats on the Positive Change Global Award :)

Kris said...


I've come by from Rhonda's site at down to earth. I'm very jealous of your aquaponics plans. I've broached the subject a few times at our house but the response is no. I need to work on my pitch a little, I think. Looking forward to visiting more and hearing all about it.