Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Chook Tractor!

I have been wanting to build a chook tractor for some time now. So many designs all racing around in my head!
As always I want to be able to build it

1. by myself!
2. with recycled materials!
3. cheaply as!

I have heaps of poly pipe here as well as loads of chicken wire so I'm leaning towards a dome. I also have some left over tank off cuts that I could use. I called in to the tip shop in town yesterday and bought a table frame. It is the same as one I already have here so I thought Jamie could weld the two together and I could cover it in chicken wire. As you can see I'm a little indecisive lol.
When I have things running around in my head I find that talking it through with someone helps me to get things straight. I bought up chook tractors at work today but no one knew what I was talking about! One lady said she thought I was going to train my girls to pull a plow!!!! Can you imagine? I think that the ladies at work must think I'm a little 'touched' . Peak Oil and sheep nappies must sound a bit strange when you first encounter them in casual conversation!! LOL.
Any way when I make a decision about the construction of the chook tractor I will update!
After work today I got a chance to get out in the garden. I haven't had a chance lately as the weather has been against me. I have started to prepare for Paul and Kelly's arrival, they are the names I have chosen for my sheep. I took two tank rings and placed them over the apricot and apple. They are wide enough to stop the sheep from being able to nibble the branches.....I hope. The tank rings will also help when I put the poly frames up to support the bird netting. I will post some pic's when I get the frames up!


Ali said...

LOL at your work colleague thinking of chickens pulling a plough !!!!!!! That's the funniest thing I've read in a while :)

I can't wait to get chickens ~ still ahve to build a house for's on a,list of things to do........

Rhonda Jean said...

I like the names you've chosen for your sheep. Are they boy and girl? When do you pick them up?

How exciting, SHEEP!

Kirsty said...

They will arrive in a few weeks. The farmer is going to give me a ring when they are ready to go! I don't know if they are boy and girl yet but they are getting Paul and Kelly anyway (Paul Kelly and the coloured....sheep)! I am very excited too!