Saturday, July 21, 2007

Frosty Start...

I just jumped out of bed with my usually bubbly enthusiasm knowing I have heaps to get done today to be confronted with one of the coldest morning I can remember!

The ritualistic trip down the back yard to the out side toilet was a brisk one to say the least! My chooks were none to keen to venture out into the white expanse. The turkeys just ran out stupidly into the high white marshmallows while I considered my choice of footwear. The shoes closest to the back door are not always the most appropriate in this case a pair of open toed sandals last worn at the height of summer. With the amount of brown snakes here they probably were not a suitable choice then either!
Today is the start of a week long holiday for me. I have a lot planned and I hope I can fit it all in to a week! The renovations here at Gobbler's Run had come to a stand still due to work so I'm really hoping to get the front two rooms painted and livable again. I am also hoping to get the aquaponics tank sealed and filled ready for the fish. I already have a small pond in the front garden that has a slow leak.
You can't see any in the photo but it is home to about 30 goldfish. It is filled with bore water which has to be topped up once a week. I want to reseal this pond once the goldfish are in the AP tank and use this tank for duckweed production. I did really feel for the fish this morning, swimming around in little beanies and scarves.

I have such a full day today I really wish it wasn't so cold. I have to do heaps of washing and try to get it dry (I don't have a dryer). Get all the creatures ready for two days without 'Mum' I'll be back on Monday and I'm not sure who will miss who the most! and get packed up to leave at 6am tomorrow (hoping it won't be as cold then!)
Well although I'm toasty and warm here at my desk it's not really getting everything done so wish me luck as I go out to brave the elements! Keep warm!


Ali said...

BBrrr ~ it sure looks chilly from your photos. I hope you get everything that you wish to accomplished this week :)

Ali said...

I have PM'd you on ALS asking for your address as I'd like to send you some comfrey plant :)