Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Much To Do!

Well with a full time job I really don't have as much time to 'play' as I would like! I'm so behind with jobs around Gobblers I'm starting to feel a little snowed under. Today I hope to

-clean my kitchen
-tidy my lounge
-do 3 loads of washing
-prune 8 fruit trees
-turn an old tank into a large pond (may have to wait till tomorrow)
-make enough bread for the week
-make a sweet for a function tonight
-sew up an apron
I also have to go to a function tonight that starts at 6pm, it's 9am now so that really doesn't leave a lot of time LOL. I am planning on posting something a little more creative and interesting later....if I get a chance!


Ali said...

There are never enough hours in the days are there ?! I'm someone who gets side tracked easily (especially by the computer LOL) so at present I'm trying to "change my habits" !!

Kirsty said...

I am also really easily distracked! But I have so far cleaned the kitchen, done the washing made the bread and sweet so I'm getting there LOL