Monday, July 9, 2007

My Mum

How good are mums? I am lucky enough to have an amazing relationship with my mum! We speak to each other daily and share our hopes and dreams, offer each other advice and comfort and learn an incredible amount from each other.

Aside from life skills my mum has taught me to be really crafty. Mum can make nothing into something and it's great to watch!

Mum made this basket by collecting a native grass that grows along the beaches where she lives. She dried out the grass and carefully bundled it together and sewed it into shape. I haven't inherited her patience!

This smaller basket is made in the same way but using a 'shaggier' grass. When ever I see her create these amazing baskets I'm thankful that she has taught me to see the beauty in the things that surround me. I used this skill recently when a thread on Aussies Living Simply asked what can you use bailing twine for? I thought if mum can make a basket from grass surely I can make something from bailing twine.

I started collecting heaps of different colours and settled on blue and pink. After browsing some of my craft books (all which I got from mu
m!) I decided to try my hand at a raffia hat minus the raffia! I plaited and plaited and plaited. My cat thought that I was just playing and every time a piece of twine flick from one side to the other she pounced...making it very hard! I then slowly started to sew it all together.

And finished! Not a flash head but an alright hat that will keep the sun off and best of all it didn't cost me any thing! I wish all the lessons that I learnt from mum were 'free' . I had better post so I can give her a call!
Be good to your mums!


Ali said...

The baskets are wonderful as is the hat you made. What great recycling :)

Lucy C said...

That hat is fabulous.