Monday, July 9, 2007

Poultry Paradise!

Well it's been really cold and wet here....brrrhhh. I haven't been able to get out and into the garden but I've still been watching my chooks and turkeys through the window! They love all the fresh green pick that has sprung up in the last few weeks! Each one has an individual personality just like us
My Orpington cross Blackus McChicken can't resist a snack! She follows me around clucking and chirping just waiting for a tasty morsel. I really think she is over weight (but she tells me she just has big feathers!). She is a very regal chook, she is very 'talkative' and has a real strut.

Don't tell my other chooks but these little ones are my absolute favourites! You can tell how small they are by the car behind them. They are fully grown and the breed is Golden Sebright. They are not up to show standard but I love them anyway!. When they first arrived at Gobbler's Run they were scared and incredibly flighty but now they love to just hang out with me. In fact so much so that I have to shoo them out of my outside toilet just to get some privacy.

This little beauty is Taffeta. She has two sisters here, Tulle and Velvet. They are Chinese Silkies and they came here to be mums. Silkies are a very broody breed and make great mums so this year the girls will have many happy babies (I hope).

This is Elsie and Joyce, my two rescued Isa Browns. They are very old and don't lay any more but they are happy to live out their retirement here on Gobbler's. They spend their days having dust baths and being fussed over by Roostos Chookopolous.

This is one of my dark barred Plymouth Rock bantams. I bought these from a breeder who said that they weren't up to standards. I don't care about standards I think they are great. Very pretty chooks to have wondering about the place.

Last but not least Troy the turkey. He is very upset that I clipped his wing! In this photo he is hanging out with his girlfriends Brownie 1 Brownie 2 and Helen (she is the white one). In the back ground is Tulle the silkie (she likes to think she is a turkey).

They all live happily here spending their days free-ranging finding grubs and having dust baths. They give me hours of pleasure and often entertain passes-by.

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Debbie Rose email said...

Hi Kirsty
i just love your chooks, i hope you recovered from that rusty nail.i think its great what you are doing up there, you must not have much time for relaxing as you have so much to do.Its great that you have such a great boyfriend that helps you. Thank you for the photos of the chooks they look great. nice hat aswell. Luv Debbie Rose