Monday, April 26, 2010

I am my Mother's Daughter

Here are a few pics of a Funky scarf I felted this morning. I will be doing a 'This is how I did it' post in a few days but I don't have time tonight. The sparkley threads are from some cheap ribbon I bought and shredded. The wool had been part of my learn to spin era so had large clumps of chunky spun and then segments of thinnly spun bits so I just fluffed out the chunky bits and left the thin bits spun....does that make any sense at all?


belinda said...

Nice work,

I'll keep a lookout for that How to I have only ever accidentally felted things thus will be very interested to understand the process.

Kind Regards

colleen said...

Well done, Kirsty. Worked out well.

Nelly said...