Monday, April 26, 2010

I am my Mother's Daughter

Here are a few pics of a Funky scarf I felted this morning. I will be doing a 'This is how I did it' post in a few days but I don't have time tonight. The sparkley threads are from some cheap ribbon I bought and shredded. The wool had been part of my learn to spin era so had large clumps of chunky spun and then segments of thinnly spun bits so I just fluffed out the chunky bits and left the thin bits spun....does that make any sense at all?


belinda said...

Nice work,

I'll keep a lookout for that How to I have only ever accidentally felted things thus will be very interested to understand the process.

Kind Regards

colleen said...

Well done, Kirsty. Worked out well.

Nelly said...


Heru Aliwardhana said...

good job