Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back!

And about time!

My computer had died seriously but has been fixed now and is better than ever! But that means I have a lot of catching up to do.
Ages ago now my partner and his Mum and I went to visit a local open garden. It was an absolutely great day and an amazing garden. I had saved that local paper that had a write up about the garden so I could remember its name......but it was so long ago I forgot why I had saved the paper and used it to light the fire!....I think it was called Kambula?? I don't think that's right?
It was really inspiring as you can see by the pics. A really natural lay out with a huge amount of Eremophilas which are very suited to our semi-arid environment. I have had so many deaths when trying to create a English style garden here so growing plants that are suited to the area is important! I have almost finished the recreation of the front garden here and will post the pics soonish. The open garden really was inspirational! They had included man made elements which I found soooo cool, reminding me of a Friends garden in the NT ~*~ Fine Elsewhere ~*~ So needless to say that my poor partner has a list of "stuff" I want him to create for my garden!

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Tully said...

Great photos Thirsty :-) I love those augers and the bedframe bench seat. We have a few of those but I want to make them into 'garden beds' (grin)