Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Guys *waves*

Well my computer is still in the shop! But on the upside I am getting so much done that I wouldn't if I was on my computer!!!! I have been re-decorating my kitchen and getting my bathroom ready for painting. I have chosen a cornflower blue for the walls and a beautiful country style print fabric for a skirt around my basin. It should all come together well!!!

Now, it seems I'm quite well know for my frugal renovations because I am featuring in this month edition of Reader Digest ! I was interviewed ages ago and had almost forgotten about it. If your interested its on page 52 in an article called "Ooops, Tales of Thrifty Disasters" hhhmmmm about sums it up hehehe.

As well as decorating I have been flat out baking as this is something I really enjoy. It cuts down the amount I have to spend in the supermarket as well. I bake a loaf of bread every second day because as I live by myself I can't get through a whole loaf any sooner! I buy a big bag of Lauke bread mix, I think it's 10 kgs in a bag? I keep it in the chest freezer so it's always ready to go.
I have been making some biscuits to take to work as well to try and keep the costs down.

I still have to fight the desire to buy cappuccinos as they are my weakness!

There has been a lot going on in the garden as well but as I don't have my computer I can't show you the pictures yet. Jamie has been building a fence to section off the vegie garden and cutting garden from the rest of the yard. This will help keep the chooks and ducks and turkeys out which will be good. As we are still building the fence I haven't bothered with any vegies so far because the chooks would just devour them. I am really looking forward to getting it all finished. Nhill is having a Back to Nhill in early October and as part of that we here atYanac are having a Back to as well. This will be a great chance for those who have ever lived here to come back for a look and to catch up with some old friends and neighbours. I am really hoping to get the side paddock cleaned up before then as it's looking a bit messy. I also wanted to get the side of the house painted but I think I may have run out of time. Might be finished in time for the next Back to in 25 years!


Tully said...

LaLaLaLa Larve the new look blog Kirsty!
Can't wait to see photos of the bathroom makeover and your job list sounds almost as long as ours LOL

Kirsty said...

It looks the shit doesn't it :) I'm pretty happy with it! Still tweeking. I can't wait to show off the pics!

Mashelly said...

yummy chocchip my fav..You know I adore your kitchen its so damn adorable..its going to look fabUlous in blue(one of my most fav colors),can't wait to see it--Hi tully*waves*

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Love the new blog Kirsty, see ya Mate and keep blogging Lol