Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Computer has pooped its self!

Hi Guys,
I haven't forgotten to blog I promise! My home computer has died and is in the process of being fixed (fingers crossed). I am currently at work on my lunch break and just wanted to let you know that I will be back online soon. I have been doing heaps of stuff that I want to show you all. We have recedntly toured an open native garden that was just amazing so I will upload the photos (if they are still there?) when the computer comes home! Frogs have moved into the new pond, I think I can hear a striped marsh frog, a pobblebonk and (crossing my fingers again) I think I have heard a growling grass frog YAY!!! Anyway lunch is over now so back to work.


Tully said...

Thanks for letting us know Kist, hope you get it fixed soon.

belinda said...

Congrats on the frogs.. nothing quite like them to add interest to a good night.

Kind Regards