Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love my life!

I was just out hanging the clothes on the line and looked around. Yes I see it everyday but today it just seemed different....beautiful. I have been working flat out on the soap business and I will continue to work flat knacker for the rest of the year but working like this means you don't get time to really see whats around you. Do you know what I mean? It wasn't just what I saw but the sound track as well. The turkeys were gobbling away up the back, the sheep were talking to me over the fence and the ducks were noisily quacking away! Here are some pictures to give you and idea....and to remind myself how cool it is right out side my door! I wanted to add more photos but blogger isn't playing!


Woody said...

Kirsty...Nice to hear from you. The garden looks wonderful, especially that eggplant. Makes me wish for a touch of your warmer temps. We're still throwing the wood to the fire here but it won't be much longer before spring.

Happy that the soap business is doing well for you.


Jacqui said...

Your eggplant and apples look great. I'm watching our little eggplant plant but I might not have got it in early enough 'cause it is still small and no sign of fruit in sight.

Can I ask you something as a duck owner? Compared to chickens, how do they go with your garden in terms of their impact on it (eating, scratching etc). I've had two conflicting opinions so keen to know as I'd love to get some.

Out Back said...

I have done a post on my blog about how we fox proofed our hen house if you are interested.

Your garden pics look great.


apple milo man said...

Kirsty you seem very self sufficient out there at Yanac. I am interested to now if you have any major influences in your life, a brother perhaps, maybe even a brother with one awesome dog and one adiquite bitch that may be about to have pups. Im sure the rest of the internet community would be interested in this mysterious brother, if there is one?

Kirsty said...

Jacqui, I love my ducks in the garden for 2 reasons
1- they look so cute, the white ducks in the lush green.
2- they eat all the bugs!

I haven't had any trouble with them eating plants but there big webbed feet squash little seedlings :(

Tania, Your chook house looks great! My partner has been tirelessly working on mine he such a sweetie! I think it's almost done.

Apple Milo Man,
You seem to have taken an interest in my brother....I wonder why lol??? Yes I do have an awesome brother with 2 dogs. The brother in question actually gave me the beautiful 'herb' sign in my vegie patch that you can see in the pic. OK Andy have I mentioned you enough now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the fox problem. That is sad. :( We have had birds before and love the sounds and watching them for entertainment. It seemed so strange for us to fee pictures, and hear stories about being out in the garden when this is January, while we are having winter and it is -18 below zero F. It looks so inviting we could just hide out in that garden of yours until our winter is :)
Have a blessed day.
Your new friends in Alaska,
Anna and Jason Wilkinson