Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coffee Lovers

I'm really excited about my soap this year. I know that I haven't blogged about my soaps for absolutely ages so I thought I better start! My on-line store will be back up and running soon so I have been busy mixing stirring and moulding! I just love how this one turned out!


Out Back said...

I love those soaps, they turned out really well. You are so clever.


dl said...

They look stunning! That heart is adorable.

I would like to tag you, if you don't mind :)

(see my last post)

Leisurely Lesley said...

Say hi to your Mum for me. Tell her I hope to see her soon.

elizabeth said...

They are just so pretty!! You really have a talent for this Kirsty girl!

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, you should be proud as punch!!! Those soaps are FANTASTIC!!!
Frothy Bubbles to YOU

Anonymous said...

Can I please have the URL/Http of your on-line store? I would like to visit. Thank you


ButterflyGirl said...

Oh Kirsty, I cant wait until your store is up and running again, that picture looks so professional, just lovely ;)