Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vegie garden matters

I was just thinking I haven't written about whats going on in the vegie garden for a while. I have managed to keep the sheep out now which is good but Paul and Kelly aren't to keen LOL. I am almost about to eat some broccoli and I have heaps more plants coming on. I love broccoli!
I also have planted heaps of cauliflowers and cabbages but they are a long way off yet.

The onions are looking good, both red and brown and the spring onions are powering along! The spinach if it all grows will cover the house...I may have over planted. The artichokes are nearly ready and this year will be the first year that I can eat my own asparagus! I can't wait!

I've also just planted an apple tree and a pear tree and will be transferring an apricot tree tomorrow. Currently it is in the paddock with Paul and Kelly and it seems they love apricots.

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Anonymous said...

The lady down the road with three kids loves spinach but unfortunately she has killed the parsley that you gave her - maybe you should just grow it and sell it to her!!!