Monday, June 30, 2008


Gobbler's Run is getting a face lift! The house has been badly needing a coat of paint for a long time but Mums recent visit was the catalyst I needed to get it done.

Mum said that the house looked...well lets just say she wasn't impressed. So I set to work lol. I have chosen the colour 'Yukka' it's a bluey green colour that I have used on the walls of my lounge and bedroom....I'm obsessed with this colour! The windows and doors will be French Vanilla, a creamy ice cream colour. Should look good!

And Yesterday I got hot water connected to my kitchen........4 years after I moved in LOL


Anonymous said...

Kirsty I LOVE that colour! I love those types of green, in my lounge at home I have a soft sage and I loved it so much I had my office at work painted the same colour lol

Will look gorgeous when finished, well done!


Lucy C said...

Nice job.
Looking forward to the 'after' photos.

Beware though.
With you propensity for accidents we might soon read a post about a ladder. GRIN.

Anonymous said...

The colour looks fabulous. There's nothing like a mother's comment to get a job going. I bet the hot water is wonderful.

Emily said...

I bet the hot water is wonderful, just remember Rome wasn't built in a day.... We have been here for 5 years and I still have a huge hole in the wall of my laundry that the previous owners dog dug (yes through the timber???)
Hubby often mumbles, 'must get round to fixing that...'
I love the paint colour, Please show some photos when you are finished! Emily

Kirsty said...

Yes I have finished the front of the house and will post pics on the weekend! I haven't fallen off the ladder yet but I did get stuck on the verandah roof for 45 minutes waiting for someone to drive past and notice me cause I couldn't hold the ladder and climb down at the same time. No one drove past so I took a chance and made it down unscathed....Yes knowing my luck I did expect to fall LOL.

Margo said...

love the colour Kirsty - bout don't le the sudden access to hot water in the kitchen go to your head hahaha

Chris & Dave said...

Looking good! I love that colour too. I've been a little slack in the jobs department too, but you've inspired me to just get in there and do it.

The Mumma said...

can't wait to see the house finished

Anonymous said...

It's going to look beautiful Kirsty!
I must admit I was waiting for a ladder story, especially when I saw your bare foots. Didn't the incident with the nail learn ya nothin'????
Much love,

Kirsty said...

Hi Tully, I have shoes on in those pics LOL. Noted they aren't safety shoes, pink foam crocs hehe, wouldn't stop a nail in fact even three corner jacks go straight through. May as well have had no shoes on.

Linda said...

I love white weatherboards so I love your house, but I am liking the new colour very much. Fantastic.