Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting seriously frugal!

Today was the first day of my Job Sharing. I have been working 5 days a week for years and with the soap taking off I decided to look at going part time. My employer was wonderful and explained to me how if I found someone to work the days that I wanted off we would be able to 'share' my job. To start with I only wanted to drop 1 day a week and see how that goes so as of this week I don't work on Mondays anymore! It will mean really tighten my belt and really watching my spending but I think I will be fine. One of the things that I have started doing is reading the supermarket catalogues and checking the shelf prices. This really paid off today lol. I noticed that a block of chocolate that is normally $3.47 had a shelf price of $1.70, now I know that I really don't need a block of chocolate....but it was on sale. At the check-out it scanned at $3.47 and only cause I had bought it because it was on sale and I new the price I pointed out the difference. Store policy was that if the item doesn't scan at the shelf price customers get the item for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoo Hoo. So not a bad start to my frugal shopping.


Mel : ) said...

free chocolate!!! what a bargain :D

Lucky-1 said...

I never leave the shop without checking all my prices in case of an over charge.

Anonymous said...

I bet the chocolate tastes better when it is free.

Belinda said...

Congratulations on your grocery score and making the decision to step back to 4 days a week.

Hope it all works out just the way you want.

Kind Regards

Love Bears All Things said...

Great job on the chocolate.
Mama Bear

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Kirsty - Found your blog through Molly (Crossroads) and it's great - I will be a regular visitor!

Re: frugal stuff there is a great site called which you might find really useful.
It's Kiwi/Australian and we've benefited from it heaps.

Keep up the great blog!