Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen

Well here's a couple of pics of the new chooks. Only the little ones are staying, the big girls and the 2 roosters are heading off. Not sure what breed the little ones are, they could be a bit of a mix.

This is just a photo of my ultra cool new rubber boots. I look so flash now as I muck out the chook runs. Best looking boots this side of Netherby!


Mel : ) said...

love the gumboots, they look fab!!!! didnt even know they made patterned ones

The Duck Herder said...

welcome back Kristy!

what a lovely lot of colourful chookies - and my, what lovely gummies those are!

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, I think the small chooks are Old English Game. I used to keep them, they are lovely.
Love the rubber gumbies, very swish!


Love Bears All Things said...

very colorful, almost like flowers.
Mama Bear