Friday, January 18, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, that is one lesson I have learnt lately and words I will hold close as I move into 2008! This year is going to be so exciting!

I have been struggling lately with working full time and living simply. I just don't have the energy to bake or cook or garden. I think one of my downfalls is coming home and turning on the computer, with in the blink of an eye two hours can slip by! Then it is to late to get anything done so in order to be more productive I am going to plan my days.

Here is a rough draft:

4:30 Get up and have breakfast

5:00 Do dishes and generally tidy up around house

6:00 Leave for work

3:30 Get home and have a shower, put washing on and check animals

4:30 Computer

5:00 Cook tea, eat and do dishes

6:30 Watch neighbours (aarrghhh can't stop) while doing craft be it sewing or knitting.

8:30 Bed

If I try to stick to this plan for weekdays I think I will get a lot more done and not have to run around Saturday morning doing a weeks worth of house work! (It's Saturday now and I still haven't started) I will try and see how I go.

I have a few other things that I will be trying to do this year and if I write them down I may stick to them a bit better.

1; Clean up my potty mouth! I am making a big effort not to swear or say bad things! It is really a hard one for me.

2; Wear skirts and dresses more because it makes me feel more feminine and less likely to swear. It's strange but I am a nicer person in a dress....does that make sense?

3; Cook from scratch and wear an apron. I often think 'I'll just pop this in the micro so I won't get messy'

4; This one will be a hard one for me but I am going to try not to consume any chemicals, well what I mean is stuff like preservatives and artificial sweeteners. I recently spoke to some one about what would be better a egg and bacon mcmuffin or home made apricot jam on homemade bread. They said it would be about the same but I have thought about it and homemade jam on toast is better for my soul! no correspondence will be entered into! LOL

Wish me luck sticking to those won't you!

Lots of other exciting things will be happening on Gobbler's Run this year and I just can't wait.

Here is a pic of Paul and Kelly. They have just had there first hair cut. I was a nervous wreck LOL


Ali said...

the computer sure can make time disappear ~ that's one of my problems......!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list of resolutions.

the internet really is a time thief isn't it?

Kirsty said...

Ahh well atleast I'm not the only one LOL. If I moved the computer it might be easier but I have it set up infront of the sofa in the lounge hehe

Lucky-1 said...

Good luck with the changes you are going about with this year. I too find I can loose hours in front of the computer.

Paul & Kelly look very smart with their new haircuts too.

Belinda said...

I'll bet Paul and Kelly will think you are absolutely awesome on the next 44 degree day you get.

I hope you find your schedule works for you.

Kind Regards