Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hot or what?

It's 44 degrees on the veranada! I left frozen water bottles around the chicken run but they are still struggling. My brain is melting. Will update on Saturday and hopefully we will all still be here.


Ali said...

your brain is melting, lol what a funny comment!!

I've been in 42 degrees before and I know how disgusting that is but 44 ~ uuhhhhh!!

I hope you and your menagerie all survive OK

Belinda said...

Good luck for today I know we are are expecting another hot one.

Up here on Mt Dandenong we only made it to 37 outside yesterday.

Not gonna tell you about inside you would be jealous and I suspect that green isn't your colour.

Kind Regards

Our Red House said...

What a scorcher!

I hope it cools down soon.


Woody said...

Wow...that is some egg frying weather! Hope it cools down for ya'll soon.


Crazy Mumma said...

Yikes! Fingers crossed for a cool change heading your way Kirsty!

Robin said...

Hey Kirsty

Have tagged you for a meme, go check out my blog


Love Bears All Things said...

That must be celcius.
Mama Bear

Kirsty said...

Yes mama bear LOL I just converted it ands it says 44 equals 111.2 in the american measure. I didn't lose any chooks but I can't find 2 however They were clucky and I expect in a week or two they will show up with chicks (fingers crossed) It has rained for the last two days so I feel human again PTL