Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just a happy day!

I work full time so I really enjoy getting home a bit earlier to hang out with the critters.
The local Supermarket puts all it's green waste in boxes and puts them in the back lane on a first come first served kind of arrangement. You have to be a bit lucky for any to be left by the time I knock off...well today was my lucky day! I scored a huge box of goodies.
Paul and Kelly thought Christmas came early as there were heaps of carrots and apples, they just love carrots and apples! The chooks and turkeys were pretty keen on the strawberries so lucky that there were four punnets. There were also heaps of cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, lettuce and onions! I had such a great time tossing the contents of the box over the fence to them and watching them taste different things. They must have been a bit noisy about how good it was a passing rooster stopped by to see what he could score LOL. Check him out looking longingly through the fence! Notice to that Paul is antagonizing the rooster by waving a juicy carrot at him.

I also scored well out of the box. A huge pot of very wilted coriander that I hope only needs a drink and three punnets of tomato seedlings, very wilted but I will try to resurrect them.


Ali said...

what a great score kirsty!! I asked in woolies the other day for some vegie scarps for my chooks and I was told they all have to go into the bin because of health & safety issues ~ I need to ask at the greengrocers next week!!

Lucy C said...

Great photo.
I love Paul ad Kelly.
What a classic.
A rooster just strolling by.
You really do live in the country.