Friday, November 16, 2007

Henny Penny come to stay

Please put your hands together for Henny Penny!

As I got into my car to go to work the other morning I noticed a note under my wiper. It was from my neighbour saying she thought that they had one of my chooks. As it was 5am I waited till I got home from work and wandered over. We found the chook hiding under a piece of tin leaning against the fence.

What a sad sight, she was very skinny and panting badly. She wasn't one of my girls but I had a feeling that she would be. Her head was droopy as I picked her up and I didn't think she stood much chance. She has been living in my outside laundry for three days and feasting on layers pellets, grain and tonnes of water. I can't believe the change in her, so much perkier (is that a word?). I'm pretty sure that she is going to be a very special chook! I don't know where she came from but I'm glad I'm able to give her a comfortable home.


Kirsty said...
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Anonymous said...

She gorgeous. It's great that you were able to nurse her back to health. Maybe she was hiding because she thought the sky was falling (I think I've got the right story!)


Ali said...

welcome to Henny Penny!! I'm sure she'll be happy living with you and and your "gang" :)

Woody said...

Looks like you've found a new friend...There is a a very funny clip on Youtube about chickens. I believe you'll find it under Arkansas CPR.


rhonda jean said...

henny penny is a smart girl finding her way to you. I'm sure she'll have a good life now.