Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spring is in the air

Well spring has sprung down here. Troy has definitely worked out what it is all about. However is has some trouble differentiating the lady turkeys I don't dare walk through the yard without a 'distance regulator' but even with that I don't take my eyes off him. The first time Troy approached me I was just kneeling down pulling out a few weeds and suddenly I heard a swoosh and there he was big and blue. I've never jumped up and ran so quickly! The sheep Paul and Kelly are also on the look out.
Oh this is a picture of kitty doing a bit of work on the computer. It's suppose to be a shot of the sheep and Troy but I can't get rid of this one. Maybe Kitty could give me a lesson or two!


Ali said...

lol at Troy sneaking up to you!! :)Poor Paul & Kelly too!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Love to see/hear about your turkeys, we're going to be raising turkeys for the first time this spring. I never get tired of hearing other people's experiences with the.....or warnings in this case!! :)

Lucy C said...

That photo of Troy is amazing.
I don't think I have ever seen a turkey up close and personal.
Not as personal as you have either, thankfully.

Ali said...

Kirsty ~ I have given you the "You Make Me Smile" Award for always "cracking me up" with your animal antics :) Please read my blog for details

Polly said...

Oh Kirsty, how I wish your boyfriend had been there to capture that episode on camera. There's never a dull moment at Gobblers Run. :-)

m said...

What a handsome boy .!!!Hehehe ..amazing what spring turns into fair game .!!
I am in love with your pudding soap ....for a while ithought it was a real pudding ..