Friday, September 28, 2007

The great escape II

When I drove up the road after work today I was surprised to see a neighbour sitting on the front veranda. On closer inspection she wasn't really sitting, more sprawling. Her face was red and she was gulping water, I was a bit worried she was having a 'turn'. No, she said she was fine just a bit worn out after spending a couple of hours chasing Paul and Kelly around Yanac! The troublesome two had pushed there way into the front garden and out the front gate. I'm surprised the were able to push over the fence as I had put it up! (OK I bet Jamie won't be surprised!) I had used recycled materials to build the fence and I hadn't seen another like it! Anyway this neighbour recounted to me how she had enlisted the help of a young guy from up the road and with military precision they were able to round them up.It's hard to make out from the photo but they must have been in the front garden for some time as both my climbing rose are devoid of any leaves up to the sheep head level! in fact a number of plantes appeared decidedly 'less' than they did this morning! how embarrasing!


The Duck Herder said...

wicked little sheep!

Ali said...

Naughty Paul & Kelly!! Thankfully your neighbour rounded them up for you!

I have given you an award. Please see my blog about it!

Lucy C said...

Sounds like your neighbour was feeling "decidedly 'less' than they did this morning!" too!!!
I love those sheep.
They certainly provide good stories for your readers.
Did anyone comment on their glamour collars during the great round-up?

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today through another Aussie blog and it's terrific. I loved reading about your, ahem, lusty turkey.

I'll definitely be back!