Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Insurance madness

I decided to change my insurance so I could have everything together. I am quite absent minded at times so this way I will have less to have to remember. I thought it would be simple....well no. I just couldn't understand why they needed to know some of the things they asked I have a kayak or canoe whose value is greater 1k? I want my house covered in the event of civil disobedience/affray or riot? Yes maybe that one might be important in a city or large town but unless all the local sheep get together and start a rumble I think little old Yanac might do OK! In 1974 (I think 74?) Yanac had a sizable earthquake for inland Australia, it made all the big papers, so I made sure I was covered for that. I have been wishing for rain lately so all the farmers can buy soap for Christmas so I got cover for flood just in case. Do I have a wine or spirits collection? Do I have a stamp collection? When I mentioned about my antique china he didn't want to know....humph! Anyway I just wanted to vent.
How much does an average canoe cost anyway?


Anonymous said...

Kirsty, recently I thought exactly what you did regarding consolidating all insurances....BUT........when I contacted them they sent me a letter asking me to tell them my phone number..LOL...I knew they wanted to talk to me on the phone and ask stupid questions regarding riot and canoe cover!!!Well I don't give companies my phone number, full stop. So alas, I did not consolidate my insurances. Whew, glad I didn't.

Ali said...

lol at the canoe ~ how useless one would be for you!!!!

Michelle said...

You never know Kirsty you might just need a canoe to hide under when all that civil disobedience starts;)

Lucy C said...

In the flood on the NSW Central Coast this year people were jet skiing in there paddocks.
And cows were washed away never to be seen again.
They should have had a canoe.