Saturday, August 4, 2007

I love my life!

After mentioning at work that I had a blog some of my work colleges popped over to have a look at Gobbler's Run. The reactions I got were varied and some were less than kind, others however were wonderfully kind and supportive. I'm often faced with questions about why do I live the way I do. This I find hard to understand as I live a life that pleases me and makes me happy, what more could anyone want? I see the same people that comment negatively toward my choices forced to work long hours in jobs they don't enjoy in order to meet the repayments on things they only have cause the feel they need them. I don't need a big flash house, 4wd, a motor bike and two carseek If something happens and I loose my job I am not going to loose everything, I'm not 100% reliant on my weekly income. I don't have to make exorbitant repayments in order to continue living as I do.

I spend my weekends making bread and meals for the week, doing maintenance on the house and fencing to protect the animals that supply me with wholesome food. I do these thing because it makes me happy.

I have been heading towards this life for a number of years. I used to work in positions that payed more than my current one but with the higher pay packet came the higher stress levels. I go to work now because I enjoy it and not because I have to. I have made the choice to put me first. It was a hard decision but one I'm pleased I have made. I think that others could well benefit from asking themselves honestly "Am I happy?"

I am happy and proud to be where I am and doing what I choose to do.


Ali said...

Even though it does hurt when people have negative reactions/comments as long as you are happy (which you are!!) that is the main thing :) I like the saying "ignorance breeds fear and superstition" **hugs** Ali

Ali said...

My MIL laughs at most things I say I am going to do :( (she is a big consumer and baulks at the idea of us having a bucket in the shower ~ she loves to tell me that she has 10-15 minute showers)

Woody said...

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance- that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Herbert Spencer

Michelle said...

Great post Kirsty.
Good for you for doing what you love and not being sucked into the consumption treadmill.
I have encountered many people who don't understand why we don't have a widescreen TV and all the other consumer cr*p we're being told we need to have a happy life when they know we can afford it, they just don't get IT!
Like Lee Kernigan says "the more you've got, the more you've got to lose".

Rhonda Jean said...

kirsty, most people will never get it. Just keep bubbling along and doing what makes you happy. : )

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Kristy - it is very obvious that you get great joy out of your life and gobblers run! I feel sorry for folks who are on the treadmill, completely out of touch with how they feel and what makes them happy or gives meaning to life. It is easy to live a life full of joy when it is all the wonderous little things that make you joyous. There is not much better than a cuppa and freshly baked bread either with the solitude of your own space, furry and fluffy friends and garden, or with close friends and family!

It means you can be happy now, every day, rather than putting off happiness untill the second morgage is paid off, of untill the credit card is paid off, or untill you have a BMW4WD, or a McMansion in some god aweful suburb in western sydney, where you commute 2 hours a day! eeek - it all sounds hideous!

Susan said...

How rude for people to make negative comments! I always htink people like that are unhappy them selves, because if they were truly happy in their own lives they wuld feel no need to question or belittle yours.
I'm personally all for choice. I know that all people are different and the way I do things isn't suited to everyone but I am happy and thats all that matters. You too are happy:) I always enjoy reading your updates on your blog!

Kimble said...

Mate, we will be laughing right back at the doubters before too much longer. Part of living a simple life is not worrying about what others think because we do not fit in with their expectation of how a person/couple/family should have/own or how they should live.

Ever heard some one say ' It cost five grand, but you have to have a plasma screen these days, you know for the kids"...? Aren't you glad that not how you live?

Polly said...

You've found the secret to happiness Kirsty. Good for you. I love to read what you're up to at Gobblers Run.

Kirsty said...

Thank you all for your kind comments! I really needed to put down my thoughts and to have you all take the time to post a positive comment has made my day. I felt so much better after writing that! Thanks again for calling in!