Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kindness and the rabbit proof fence.

My big chooks aren't allowed in my veggie garden! My Golden Sebrights are, this is because they are tiny and cute! I was under the belief that because they are so small they couldn't do much damage.......I was wrong! Over the weekend they devoured all my broccoli! I love broccoli so I had to put an end to their feasting. Awhile ago we managed to lug home a huge roll of old chicken wire from the tip. I unrolled a long piece to run around one of the veggie garden and dropped in some star pickets. I'm really hoping that this will keep them out. So far so good!

The little darling also had a pretty good go at my Brussel Sprouts! So I needed to enclose that bed too. About a year ago I tried (unsuccessfully) to build a chook tractor out of very thin poly pipe, I was way to floppy to use and since its creation it's just been sitting up the back of the yard. I thought this may fit as the sprouts are in a round bed.................Ta Dah! I just need to get a bit of bird netting to put across the top and job done! This will keep those chookies out.
The strange thing you can see in the background that looks like a two headed ghost is my 'hot house'. When I bought my new oven it came in a huge plastic bag, I put it away because I thought I might come up with a use for it one day. I t keeps the frosts at bay and folds up when I don't need it! How cool is that!

I've found that seeds planted in this micro environment sprout much faster than seeds sown in the open.At the moment I have Sage, Coriander, Chives and Lucerne all in the 'Hot house'.

An up date on the sheep!!!! My beautiful gobbler Troy, who delights in nothing more than to terrorise me buy chasing me at full pace has developed a fear of sheep! In this photo you can see three turkeys. The one to the right of the photo is Troy fleeing! The second is Brownie1 and the white one is Helen. None of them are at all impressed with Paul and Kelly the sheep.

*How Kind*

I received a beautiful note in the mail today. It was a piece of comfrey carefully packed in damp newspaper in a zip lock bag. Ali from Our Patch had sent it to me as I had mentioned over at ALS that I was having trouble getting any down here. Thank you so much Ali I really appreciate your kindness and I hope one day to find a way to repay you! Thank you


Ali said...

what naughty little chickens!! Your hot house is a clever idea:) That photo of the sheep chasing the turkeys is funny LOL ~ I take it the sheep have settled in OK then?!

Glad the comfrey reached you OK. Hopefully it'll have lush new shoots soon :)

The Duck Herder said...

Nice work Kristy! I love the perfect fit of the chook tractor over the tank veggie beds.

It is incredible how much damage a tiny little seabraight can do! So tiny, so naughty.