Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rusty Raised Beds

When I bought this house it came with 9 water tanks. Only 1 of them holds water. I have set up the place to run on bore water. I invested in a special hot water service that is designed for hard water so the only tank water I use is for drinking and cooking. As I live by myself that doesn't constitute for much.

One of my rule's is to re~use all I can! So I decided to "recycle" the old leaky tanks. So with the help of my boyfriend Jamie we cut this tank into 4 rings. I then used old garden hose that we split down the side to encase the sharp edges and Waalhaa.....4 new raised free draining garden beds!

I already have 3 beds done this way. The first is a permanent asparagus bed, the second currently has silver beet, Brussels sprouts, garlic chives, lettuce and some rosemary and lavender cuttings. The third bed has giant garlic and an artichoke. The new beds will host spinach, broad beans, corn, zucchini's and carrots. I am building up the soil in the first of the four new beds with straw, horse poo, duck poo and green waste from the local supermarket. The soil here is just a grey sand so all the gardens need to be added to.

Today I have planted lucerne seed, onion seed, tagatesse, pigeon pea and more carrots! I make a beautiful jam out of carrots so I always have plenty on the go. I can't wait for things to start springing up in the new beds so I can show you all. Happy Gardening.

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Ali said...

I am so "jealous" of your recycled tank vegie gardens !! I've yet to source something to create mine :)