Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How to make a Scarecrow!

I think the birds know that I work full time and I'm not there to 'shuu' them! I think I could even hear them laughing at me from the tree tops! They were really making a mess of my seedlings and mulch. What to do??? .......a scarecrow!
I set about making a realistic scarecrow as I had a feeling that these bird were smart! I was able to get some plastic tubing from work, similar in size to a toilet roll but longer. I used a small drill bit to drill two holes in the end of each of the tubes and cut them to length. I then threaded wire through the hole and secured them. This made a kind of skeleton. Next step, create the body!

I made the head by just shaping some chicken wire I had lying around. I had a number of old doona's and quilts so I just cut these into strips and wrapped them around the 'skeleton' and secured with gaffer tape. I then just layer him/her with old recycled clothes. This is the step where you must decide if you will have a 'girl' or 'boy'. Girls require a bit of extra padding around the chest and hips.

I have quite a bit of cotton knit left over from various sewing projects so I just pick a flesh colour for the head. I have in the past used several layers of flesh toned stockings stretched over the head and limbs. This helps if your 'lady' is wearing a dress!

But not so important if they are cover up!


Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Kirsty,
Those are some seriously cool scarecrows! :-) I love them! And I love your raised tank veggie beds too, I'm very jealous.
Cheers, Julie.

Ali said...

your scarecrows are awesomely fantastic :) (jasali on ALS)

Kirsty said...

I always try to think of something for them to be doing, adds a bit of interest! I never feel lonely!

Scarecrow said...

I thought these scarecrows were just great when I saw them on ALS. Now I know how you made them...
...very clever!
I might have to have a go.

Kirsty your blog is great!

Woody said...

Those are the best scarecrows I have ever seen..You could have fun if nosey neighbors were a problem