Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hoarding is hard to stop!!!

Wow, am I having a hard time?!

My house has 4 bedrooms and as I am only me I only use one. That leaves 3 rooms not being used.....well they are being store 'stuff'. I am a hoarder and it is out of control! I had put aside Monday to start cleaning out those rooms and so procrastinating I sat down at the computer to check out some blogs. Magdalena form Anglican, Plain wrote a timely piece on Hoarding and Waste which really which really kicked me into gear!

It is so hard to do. I know that due to the up coming energy crisis that the world as we know it will change, no one can say for sure how it will change and I think that's why I'm finding it so hard. My fear is if the prices of things rise then things like fabric and clothing could well become out of reach of most of us. With this in mind do I throw out/donate all those clothes that no longer fit?. The fabric could be restyled or used to mend and patch clothes (as a sewer I would possibly be able to barter this skill and use of fabric in return for grain, meat etc.) but do I have room to store this fabric on the chance that this will be the way it works out?

I want to use the 2 front rooms as an office and workshop space for my soap making which will only leave the small bedroom as a storage area. As I have mentioned previously I like to keep a stock pile of food so most of it will be stored in that room, leaving space at a premium. As you can see from the top picture, which is one of the front rooms, what I have in there currently is not stored in a neat or tidy fact I may have just stood at the door and thrown stuff in there.

So that's where I'm at, trying to throw things away to help simplify my life and my home but struggling. I have a huge fear of 'being without'. I have some books that I have 2 and 3 copies of, they are incredible useful books that will come in handy but I know I only need one copy. My fear is what if I give the second copy away and then something happens to the copy I have...then I have no copies. I know it is irrational but it is a real fear that I need to deal with.....maybe I'm just destined to live in a house full of useless 'stuff' Arrgghhhh!!!! Help!


belinda said...

If you have the gene it really is challenging. Any behaviour based in fear really requires us to come to terms with what caused that fear and try and find a positive path forward. Trying to change the symptom without tackling the root cause tends to make it feel like yo are pushing up hill.

When it comes to energy decent planning for me what it comes down to remembering that although energy decent will make things a lot more expensive the essentials will still be there in the medium to long term. The fabric for a dress might be more than a fortnights wages when we really start paying the cost of what we are consuming thus rather than totally inaccessible it will be a matter of priorities.

Maybe you need to get some shelving. Make a deal with yourself that whatever fits on the shelves can stay without you having to agonise over it. Anything that doesn't either needs to go or something already taking up shelf space does. Having a good selection of basic fabrics on hand is good, tripping over it when you are trying to work is not.

Best Wishes

Magdalena said...

belinda's comment is very sensible.Keep what you have room for, recycle/give away the rest. Remember that things won't last forever - the stockpiled fabric will deteriorate in heat or if exposed to light. Mildew can ruin it if it's damp. Save a reasonable amount - a yard or two of patching stuff (cut it up to make it fit n a box better) and enough fabric for two or three dresses - schedule, not just plan, when you will sew them, then start over. It makes more sense sometimes to store money - have savings - than things.

Yes, the value of our money will go down. Yes, things will become expensive. But you are an intelligent and gifted person. You will find a way to cope.

Above all, TRUST GOD!

Rebeca said...

Belinda is right about facing the root of this condition.This involves the emotional attachment to the item, beyond any rational reasoning. This really requites the hoarder to change how they think.
I strongly recommend facing the need for therapy as well as compassionate organizer to help actually address the stuff in the home.

I just posted an article about this at

E said...

Yeah get help Kirsty!!

We'll all come and help you sort it out ;-) xo

Tully said...

I have 3 words for you my love.
*Cheapo Lidded Plasic Crates*

Ok so what? I can't count ;-)))

They are the best things...pack and stack. Right up the walls. One room will be heaps enough for you to store, stack and stash all the things you love and need and want to keep.

I don't think you have a problem pet, golly galloshes, some people hoard I mean 'collect' stamps or souvenir teaspoons or blown-glass figurines.
At least your stuff's useful ;-)


Dianne said...

Im with you. Im the same, cant throw stuff away(comes from lossing everything before). storage is the word, and only sort for small amounts of time each day otherwise it gets too overwelming. it also helps to give away rather than to trow out, it is easyer when you know it is going to someone who will use it.

Kirsty said...

YAY first trailer load went to the tip today!!!! YAY me!!! I did bring some timber pallets home from the tip but they will be useful to make compost heaps!!!

Magdalena said...

Yay for you! You won't miss it, really. As for the pallets - I always kept a small pile of lumber in a shed or up in the rafters of the barn for building and repairing. I haven't paid for shed materials in about ten years, using all recycled/repurposed wood, doors and windows. We only have to buy fasteners sometimes. And everything looks presentable with a coat of white paint. Sometimes you can find half-cans of paint at the recycling centre; they may let you haul it away if you have a use for it.

The quickest way to build with pallets is to drive stakes into the ground at a suitable distance, and screw the pallets to them. Or you can disassemble the pallets with a crowbar or prybar, but you will lose some of the pickets that way.

I may do the same thing here if it looks like we are staying through the summer - but I'm looking for a job out of region, so I'm not goign to get a compost started,then neglect it.