Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bathroom reno's

I have been doing up my bathroom for some time now. When I bought this house it had been vacant for 5 years and inhabited only by possums and a horse! It was very run down and in fact the bank questioned my purchase as they believed it was close to being condemned. As many of you know I love 'having a go'. I don't always know what I'm doing but I will give it a go anyway!
So back to the bathroom. There was a door from my bathroom into my laundry which I never used. I access my laundry from the external entrance close to the clothes line. Soooooo I decide to take the door out and patch up the hole and build a seat along the bottom. Its a Small bathroom and there was wasted space from the end of the bath, across the now 'not there' door to the other wall, I thought I would build in a bench seat to keep my magazines on and clean towels etc.
I removed the door without much effort and used very thin MDF to cover the hole. I then built the bench seat trying to save all I could on timber. I used the end of the bath for one end and the wall as the other end and the MDF as the back.....so really all I made was the front and top.
I was so proud of my efforts I rang my best friend to tell her how great it was while I painted the master piece! Chatting away painting the back of the new wall when suddenly we heard "CRACK"
I had forgotten that I had made the bench seat and as such it wouldn't be as strong as if, well a professional had made it. I had stood up on the bench seat to reach up higher on the back wall which I was painting with white enamel undercoat. The crack we heard was the bench seat collapsing. As it collapsed I was sent flying into the new MDF wall.......and straight through it!!!!!
That's right, like a footy player through the banner! As the wall I crashed through was covered in wet paint now so was I and as I landed in the laundry I was also covered in tumble dryer lint and dust stuck fast in the wet paint! My friend was still on the other end of the phone and said all she heard was the crack then a crash then a silence and finally me crying. Through my sobs I told her I would call her back. Somehow in the fall I lost my fingernail from my little finger and once I stopped that bleeding I realised I was otherwise unhurt! The wall and bench seat were not so well off. When I finish replacing the broken pieces and the painting I will upload pics!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh NO! Goodness no. What a disaster and after all your hard work. Your finger must hurt like nobody's business. Oh hugs from me and a cup of tea via the interwebs :)

I used to live next door to a house inhabited by possums and two horses (yes in the suburbs of Sydney - the land now has four houses with no gardens built on it, so sad). So I can imagine the state of the house when you moved in. It just makes me admire your tenacity all the more :)

belinda said...

Ahh sweet girl,

Sorry to hear your got yourself hurt. Even just the shock of being hurled through the wall would have been enough to make me cry. Best wishes for WALL and bench seat Versions 2.0.

Kind Regards

Nelly said...

Oh Kirsty Girl!! Wiping tears of laughter and shaking our heads!
If it's gonna happen it'll happen to you, you are SO funny!

Sorry you ripped your fingernail off (ouchie wah wah!!!) but so glad it wasn't worse.

Lots of Love,
The Dags in the Desert xxx

Leigh said...

Having a bathroom reno ahead of us, I was interested in reading this post. What an experience! It was fortunate that you didn't break any bones! All that hard work, too. Second time around should be better, eh?

Nelly said...

....woken last night by one of my eleventy- three-million-a-day-hot-flushes and had another cackle at 'just like a footballer through a banner' hahahaha

E said...


(((hugs))) You certainly have a way with the written word Kirst. I pictured the entire experience. What a bummer all your hard work got all broked up like that. I wish I was closer so I could make you that cuppa and offer support. I am useless with handywoman work, but I could keep you company while you do these things and patch you up when you hurt yourself.

Can you see the funny side yet (lmfao) xoxoxox

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh dear me sweetie! That was not fun at all! Huggles.

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Oh dear me sweetie! That was not fun at all! Huggles.


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