Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grey Water Treatment

Where I am living we have no grey water treatment system at all. It is the way it has always been out here. Black water goes into a septic tank but my bath and shower water drained out into a neighbouring paddock and my laundry water out onto the back garden. As the block where my bathroom water used to go has been sold I feel now is the time to do something about treating the water here. I have been reading a lot about reed bed filtration systems and I feel that this is the way I want to go
Please check out this link that explains, simply, what I mean.

I intend to set up two small tanks each about a metre high then into each place a 44 gallon drum. Into each drum I will place a PVC pipe with holes drilled around the bottom then fill the drums with gravel. Jamie will be drilling a hole on the side of the drums about 15 cm from the top and when the water reaches that point it will run through the hole into a pipe down to the bottom of the tank which is then also filled with gravel. The tank and drum will be planted with reeds and edge dwelling plants and their roots will act as a filter for the water. After the first tank is full the water will drain into the second drum/tank set up and hopefully buy the end of that process I will have clean water ready to run into a new pond system I will be putting in out the back as part of my new back garden spruce up. I will hopefully be getting it set up this weekend so I will post pics then....that will make it a bit easier to understand what I mean.

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